Nice to Meet You!

Revol Events started as a solution.
Before we formed a company we were a contracted group of individual event specialists operating out of Toronto on local, national and some international events. We each had our own contracted areas of expertise and were often paired or grouped together depending on the assignment and scope of the event. Organically, we were called upon to tackle a large project but were told to invoice as a group. So we formed a company: Revolution Events. The name was really a description of what we thought was happening. We were revolutionizing the way we were accustomed to working. The result was an incredible model for event production.
Revolution has a lot of connotations. Revol Events has just one – event excellence.
Put our revolutionary team to work for you. The results are spectacular.
Viva la revolución!

Our Partners

Cater Club has hand selected the best corporate catering options this city has to offer and streamlined the ability to order effortlessly from each and every one of them. The best variety in the city without any of the hassle. When you plan an event with us, you get access to these amazing vendors as well.

Samko’s primary focus is on Party Event Planning and Party Services.Every year they provide hundreds of thousands of Toys and Gifts for kids parties. When you plan a party or event with us, you also get access to their product line, so you can give every child a memory they will cherish.